You might already have a website put up for your company, yourself or for your hobby, but are you really happy with it? Does it still look “off” for some reason? Here are some things you might be doing wrong.

The Color Scheme
There are colors for the right mood. The design of your website should consider a pleasing, effective color scheme that complements your images. Unless you are really going for a website with really wild and clashing colors, the following color rules normally apply:
If you want your website to have colors that complement each other use analogous colors. These are the colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel and are often found in nature, hence its natural appeal. These are colors like red and red-orange, yellow and yellow-green or indigo and violet.
If you are really going for a clashing theme pick the colors that are opposite on the color wheel, colors like red and green or blue and orange, even purple and yellow.
If you want a single color to dominate your website you can choose various shades of that color, but be warned it can come across as a bit boring.

Is your website easy to use? Are all the things you want to be clicked on easy to access or do users have to scroll down multiple times? Yes, your website should be a reflection of you, but it should also be designed with the user in mind. Make a website user-unfriendly and you can be driving visitors away.

Consistent Theme
Tilted texts are good for the websites that deal with casual topics. Formalor educational websites must have a sense of order and consistency. Your homepage should be more eye-catching than the interior pages, not the other way around, because it’s the first thing people see. Using larger sharp high resolution images and videos are very effective in retaining the interest of the visitors.Once you have a theme maintain it throughout the website, having different themes for different pages can confuse your readers.

The Right Font
There are fonts for the right mood you want to convey. Fonts like Times New Roman and Arial project authority and formality while fonts like Comic Sans MS are for the more playful, quirky websites, be sure you don’t mix them up. Using the wrong font will lessen the impact of a website whether you want it to look no-nonsense or even bordering on eccentric.
There is another pitfall to look out for; just because you can use a lot of fonts doesn’t mean you should. Use a certain font for majority of the text on that page.

Website Redesign
Those were just some of the elements. You may not be familiar with them all, but is. If you aren’t satisfied with your website we can take it and turn it into the one you’ve always wanted. We can make sure your website has the right color scheme and the right font, all in a consistent theme. We can also make sure your website will be easy to navigate and we won’t overload it with those unnecessary elements that eat up loading times.