Designing a website by yourself can be fun at first, but it can alsobe tough, especially when you realize your reputation or that of your company is riding on how it would look like and feel like. A good website can draw a lot of attention; a bad one…well let’s just say it won’t get much visitors. can design your website from top to bottom for you. We know there is more to a good website than just beauty and aesthetics. Aside from looking awesome it has to be user friendly, easy to navigate, and have all the elements to make it attractive.

Here are our web designing services Chicago, Illinois.


Sometimes the website you already have isn’t working or not generating enough ROI. You can’t figure it out but know that there is something wrong. It could be multitudes of reason or it could be only one missing element. We can take your website and turn it around for visual as well as user experience.


It’s not all just about how good a website looks, but it’s also about how easy it is to navigate, and it does what the website is meant for. The idea is for people to revisit the site and they will come back if we give them value for their visit with easiness of navigation. We at OrangeSpike will help get your site to an advantageous user experience.


Don’t shut out prospective readers or customers by tailoring your website for viewing in a single screen shape only. We can design your website in such a way that it will be accessible to all devices, whether these are desktop, laptop or mobile. We will make sure that all essential elements carry forward to all portals.No elements in the webpage will be disadvantaged in converting from one version to another.


Your logo will become the identity of your company while the branding will take your company identity and identification even further. Logo is an important first step for your business identity and we know how to make you the perfect logo without going overboard with the design. We are also familiar with the strategies to furtheryour brand.


Managing and maintaining the site and planning for growth is what keeps your site fresh and useful. Specifically you should strive to keep your site complete, current and cohesive.
Just because a website is up and running does not mean it should be left alone. There are things to take care of like updating content and software, troubleshooting and making sure everything works the way they are supposed to work. Then there is the matter of keeping track of website traffic, compliance with server rulesand checking if the website is up to speed. At we can take care of all of this for you so you can focus on what’s important; your website itself.


Putting up a website involves more than just stacking boxes together and arranging elements. It involves correct tagging, correct placement and accessibility. Whether you want your website to look formal or casual there are visual guidelines to be considered. We at OrangeSpike know them all.