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Contact Information

Describe your business/concept clearly, along with a list of a few keywords associated with the same.

What's the demographic of your target audience? Kindly break it down into age, sex, and location.

Give us a small brief of who your competitors are and how you are different from them, along with some names, or web addresses for us to research on.

Are there any ‘stereotypes’ attached to your business idea that you plan to break?

Current Website

Describe your current web site in three words?

What do you like in your website? What works?

State a few areas you find most challenging about your website.

What are the elements or features that define your homepage which draws users in

Imagine and give feedback from a new client perspective from a new client browsing through your web-site?

If you have any collective analytics (Google or otherwise) attached to your website; share this information with us

New Website

Based on the ideas of your future website, mention a few goals such as developing clientele base, visibility through social media and apps, etc.

Name that one thing that strikes your clientele as unique or unparalleled about your website on their very first web visit.

List a few names of websites you prefer due to their aesthetics or functionality along with the reasons of attraction. (Not necessarily competitor sites).

Give us a few names of websites you appreciate for their hold appeal; Such as their photography, out of the box design ideas, easy navigation etc.

Give us few names of website that failed to impress you along with the reason.

What do you dream off when you think of your Website Design?

Do you have any social media strategies in place for your idea or business? If yes, do share with us their identities. If otherwise, do you intend on launching it alongside your new webpage?

Do you have any internal system assigned to manage the work and information that we should be aware of or is there a scope of any?

Are you looking towards integrating internal data systems and web form data with your new design at any level?

Overall Website Tone

Kindly mark the word that clicks first in relation to your new website.

Alongside the responses given above, we would also require the following to mold your idea into shape.

  • Upload to the files section an inventory of your existing style guide with logos and supporting fonts.
  • Any videos or photographs related to the subject
  • Analytics (if any)
  • Social Media handlers

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