Pay Per Click marketing is one of thestrategies online advertisers can employ. It’s basically the strategic placements of banner ads in different websites andeach time a person clicks on the ad the owner of the website gets paid.

PPC marketing should not to be confused with some aspects of affiliate marketing. In the affiliate marketing ad placement setup you can have ads placed unobtrusively, but the agreement is such that you don’t get paid whenever the ad is clicked.In affiliate marketing you only get paid a commission for every person who pays for a product or service after they were redirected from your website.

Do you see why PPC marketing so attractive to website owners? They don’t have to do anything but allow for a little space on their website for a banner ad and they get paid each time someone clicks on it.

Do we have your attention now? We have already mentioned PPC lets you earn with a click, even if a sale wasn’t made,but that’s not the only good thing PPC marketing has going for it.

Other Benefits of PPC Marketing

For website owners:

PPC Ads Can Be a Gauge –PPC ads can help measure the “health” of your website how it’s doing traffic-wise.

Some Ads Lend Prestige to Your Website – Imagine the reaction of your visitors if they see the banner ad of a very prominent brand in your page.

Do you want toadvertise? PPC marketing can be good for you too.

Cheaper Than Regular Advertising–A PPC strategy will cost you less than a full-blown ad campaign.

Accuracy in Targeting the Right Niche – As an advertiser there will always be that one group of people you’ll be after. If you know their surfing habits you can put ads in the websites or blogs they will likely visit and chances of a sale will be greater.


There are pitfalls to PPC marketing, something that easy is too good to be true, right? Actually things can go wrong for you if you or your PPC marketing advertiser does it the wrong way.