The handheld devices are now the king of Internet connectivity. Make no mistake, desktops and laptops still rule the workplace, but when you are talking about devices that connect to the Internet it’s no longer just about how fast it is but from where you can access the Internet from and how easy it is to use on the go.
This is the reasonwhy people love their mobile devices; they can let them do many things wherever they are. They can check emails, surf the news, log in to social media and look at photos of interesting places to visit, among others.They can do all this while they are sipping coffee in a deli, enjoying the day on a park bench or in sitting the subway waiting for a train to arrive.
You can probably guess how healthy the mobile app market is. Every day millions of mobile device users need those little things to improve their lives, whether the app advises them where to go for a good meal, tells them the latest movie schedules and reserves them seats, alerts them if theirdownloads are done or entertains them when they are bored.
In other words mobile app development market is a goldmine.
Apps have to be platform based and the biggest mobile device platforms right now are iOs for Apple and Android for Google. However, when it comes to apps development, why should you have to choose between the two?


The company that started it all is still around and kicking; and they have evolved a lot!
Those who opt to develop apps with the iOS platform will have access to a top-to-bottom support system that will see that your app from development until it is sold at the Apple Apps Store. This includes the Xcode, Apple’s own Integrated Development Environment that has multiple features that can help you design your apps.
The iOS platform also has seamless app integration from smartphone to tablets, something its competitors doesn’t have. Those who choose to develop with iOS will also have an access to a market that is more willing to spend on apps compared to the competition.


There is no doubt Android is the most widely used mobile OS in the market today and their market is getting even bigger.Those who choose to develop apps in the Android platform are guaranteed access to a market of ever-increasing Android users. The Android app system also promises developers will be able to access data their competition can’t, including what keywords those online are using to find apps.
The Android app system also boasts of a feedback system that lets developers find out what users like in their apps as soon as possible and a ranking system that is based on app retention as opposed to download volume. It also boasts easier transition to the Amazon App store.
Choose to work with one or choose another, but why choose when can develop an app for you for each platform.