If you have been running a website for some time now, chances are you are already employing a Search Engine Optimization strategy. If you don’t know what this is, these are the things you do to make sure you are visible to search engine bots whenever someone searches for a keyword or key phrase that is present in your website. More visibility means you end up closer to the top of search lists. And being on top means you get more clicks.
Is your SEO strategy working? Is there a way you can measure it? Yes, there is. A lot of clicks may be an indication that you are mounting a successful SEO campaign, but how about you break it down to really find out? This is what measuring and tracking is all about and at OrangeSpike.com we know all about this.

What to metrics to track in SEO?
Keep track of the monthly figures of each to get a good idea of how you are doing. Search Engine Share of Visits–There are three types of “visits” you should look out for.
Direct Navigation – How many visited your site by typing in traffic, bookmarks, email links without tracking codes, etc.
Referral Traffic – How many visited your website from links across the web?
Search Traffic – How many visited your website after being referred to by a search engine?


Why exactly should you measure how successfulanSEO strategy is anyway? Should you do it to rub it in your competition’s face? Should you do it because it will look good on your next company report? Well, yes, you can do those things too.
However, think long-term here. Consider the fact that anything that can be measured can be improved. Soif you think you are doing good in your SEO strategy, knowing the different aspects that contribute to that successcan help improve those aspects, and also your SEO strategy, even more. What’s not to like?

Visits Referred by Search Engine– Whichsearch engine contributed most to your visits? Which was the least? You probably have to improve your standing with that one.
Visits Referred by Keywords and Phrases–What were the keywords typed in search engines that sent traffic your way? You should keep track of this more than just monthly to be up to date with any changes or trends in keyword demand.
Conversion Rate by Search Term–Conversion can be defined as how many people signed up for your website or how many people bought from your website. Keep track of what keywords or key phrases those who “converted” used to find your website.
Number of Pages Visitedby Search Engines – Knowing the number of pages on your website that has been visited by a search engine at least can give you an idea into how that search engine indexes your page, or the number of pages the search engines are keeping in their indices from your website.
Measure This, Track That…
Knowing what to keep track of and knowing how to do it are two different things. At OrangeSpike.com we know how to keep track of the things that matterto help improve your SEO strategy.