Your website can stand alone, but would you want that? Linking your website to others can help it in many ways like build up your reputationor become part of a mutual network.However, did you know that the right links can also help you be found easier by search engines?
What to Remember When Building Links
Some Links Are More Valuable than Others – You probably think a link to one website is as good as a link to another. No, it’s not. It all boils down to how reputable that website is. Say for example the CNN website and a website that has just been put up. The link to the CNN website will be more valuable because of the prestige the website already has. Links to reputable websites are called high-quality links and these are hard to come by. In the industry the quality of a link is termed “juice” so the juicier a link is the more attractive it is.Why Juice Matters–The juicier a website is the more visible it will be in search engines. Believe it or not, links that bring a lot of value to your site actually pass on the juice. And the more juice your website has the higher it will show on search engine rankings. Search engines will consider links to reputable sources as one of the things that highly impact a search.
Relevancy Plays a Part – Consider what your website is about or what it is selling, then consider the links you have or the links you want to get. Will it really do you good to link to the website of a prestigious women’s magazine if you offer gun repair services? Will it really help your cause to link to a famous military school if you run a website calling for an end to war in the Middle East? Go for high quality links that are relevant to what you offer. Remember, just because it’s a high-quality link doesn’t automatically mean you can use it to your advantage.

More isn’t Exactly Better – Finally, you have obtained a high-quality link. One or two on a webpage will do, anymore than that and your desperation to show that reputable website finds you okay will start to show. Search engine bots will also treat too many links to one website suspiciously and this could impact your search engine rankings.
On the other hand this does not apply to how many quality sites you can link to.

Beware of Spam Links – Perhaps you found a wealth of cheap and willing companies that want to link to yours. Beware, they could be spam links. You might be tempted because you think having a lot of links on your website will build up your reputation. Not in this case. Search engine are now more capable of determining and eradicating juice from spam links; guess how high that will get you in their rankings.
Quality Methods for Quality Link Building
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