TSending your customers newsletters is an excellent way of keeping them abreastof the developments of your company or your business. It’s also a good way to tell them about promos, discount and special offers.In the past you had to send newsletters via snail mail, but this is no longer the case today with the Internet. Think of the Internet as an accurate mail delivery system and your email and newsletters as the modern version of letters.
The Benefits of Email Marketing
It Won’t Cost Much–How much does it cost to send an email? Absolutelynothing. If you opt for newsletters delivered by snail mail you will have to pay a lot for the postage, especially if you have a wide customer base. Don’t forget that you have to pay for printing costs and maybe even transportation costs and other incidentals.
It’s Easy to Create–With snail mail newsletters you will have to have some to layout the copy of the issue then mass print it before distribution. Then you have to take them all and put them into envelopes then mail them. Save yourself the trouble, with an email newsletter all you have to do is create a template, update its content or images for every issue and the click “send”.It Can Accurately Target a Niche – Have you ever gotten junk snail mail about things you aren’t even remotely interested in? Did you wonder how they even got your address? This is a strategy for many advertisers; send a lot of mail out and hope some of them actually respond. It’s not only a haphazard strategy; it’s also a waste of money. With the many Internet tools today you can accurately gauge a potential customer’s interest by just looking at the websites he or she often visits and his or her spending habits. In short, you can just send newsletters to those likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Email Arrives Immediately – Okay, sometimes not immediately, but in a matter of minutes. That’s still better than the days or even a week it takes for a newsletter to arrive via mail.Sometimes it may never even arrive at all. With an email newsletter you can be sure it will never “get lost in the mail”.It Can be Easily Shared – An email can easily be forwarded. Your newsletter is technically an email. If your newsletter customers happen to know someone who might also be interested in what you have to offer,it will only be a matter of clicking to send it their way. In a way your customers become your own marketers. Be sure to invite them to share emails and newsletters with their friends.
It Has Global Reach–Sure, you can newsletters via send snail mail abroad, but imagine how much it will cost you. Since the Internet is not hampered by boundaries like distance and the ocean it can be sent all over the world.
Take Advantage of the Internet
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