The website for your company or your business should be on a totally different level than those of casual websites or those for your family, hobby or even your pets. Aside from having a no-nonsense layout that takes the visibility of all the important data and buttons into consideration, it should also be easy to navigate and project the feeling of authority, credibility and honesty.

What else should an e-commerce website have? The following features.

Features of a Good E-Commerce Site

Custom Functionality – This deals with how easy your website is to use as an e-commerce website. Is it giving the visitor enough information about the product or service you want to offer? Are the ‘call to action’ buttons visible and easy to use? Is your contact information located somewhere it can easily be seen? Your website should feel like a business website and not a casual one.

Responsive Design – Having a responsive design Chicago means optimizing your website for viewing whether it’s in horizontal screens like in desktops, laptops and notebooks, to vertical screens like in smartphones and tablets. Your design should be that those using smaller displays still get to see and be able to easily interact with the same elements on your webpage as those with huge displays.

Payment Gateway Optimized – Everyone pays via credit card nowadays. Well, everyone who buys anything online, that is. Your website should have this added convenience.

Easily Manageable Content – Not everything should be about the visitors. A good e-commerce website must have content that is easy to manage. You need a good content management system to make sure content transition is easy, and to make sure only those who are supposed to make changes to the website are allowed to.

Customized Search Options – Your webpage should have its own built-in search engine so that viewers will be able to find anything they are looking for that might have been relegated to an archived webpage or back page.

One-Page Checkout – You want your online viewers to buy your services or products using your website. Make it easier for them to do so by minimizing how many times they have to click to check out, or how many pages they have to open to make a purchase.

Live Shipping Rates – If you happen to deal with products that need to be shipped to buyers it would help to have a window that displays the latest shipping rates. You can reach an arrangement with the shippers you use for this arrangement.

Google Analytics Integration – Keeping track of who visits you, how often they do, what device they are using and what they often click on your website will tell you much about the majority of your visitors and their spending habits. Formulate a sales strategy from there.

Get the Ecommerce Design that’s Right for Your Business

If you aren’t sure how to go about designing your e-commerce website, we can create it for you. We have worked on many such websites and we know how to strike balance between the visual and practical appeal. Our knowledge can give you the Chicago, Illinois e-commerce design you’ve always dreamed of. Come see us at