This is where effective blog marketing comes in. It is when you publicize or advertise a website, product or service with the use of an effective blog to reach interested audiences. While this also involves placing banner ads itself in a page of the blog, mostly it’s about promoting what you want to offer people in the form of a shared experience, article or story.
The blogging part goes against conventional marketing in the sense that you are not aggressively persuading people to try your services or buy your goods, but rather using an article to make them more interested in what you have to offer.

Blog marketing Chicago, Illinois has similarities to Article Marketing Chicago; the use of articles to promote your website, company, product or brand.

You Can Save Money – A blogging campaign will cost less than a traditional advertising campaign. More so if you can arrange for an exchange deal with the blog writer for a sample of the product or service as opposed to cash.
Positive Association – This is always good for any person, business or company. The more prestigious or popular the writer you can recruit for your blog marketing campaign is, the more plus points you will have with the public. Not to mention the more people your product or service will be exposed to.
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Writers Have Followers – Some blog writers have regular followers and chances are those followers will become customers if they read the writer’s blog about your product or service, become curious and decide to try it out. One follower recommends it to another follower and so on. Do the math. Improved Interaction with the Public – Most blogs have a comments section or discussion thread for people who have become curious about what you have to offer . They can post questions or reactions there. This opens the opportunity to share views, and start the conversation about your services and products.
You Can Use Target Keyword and Phrases – In a blog entry or article, the target keyword and phrase you want search engines to find can be used more liberally and naturally as opposed to a hard-sell advertisement.

Today, technology has allowed a lot of aspiring writers to make a fortune. Writers were the ultimate example of the starving artist who could only make money if they sold books or if their ideas came out on paper, today’s writers have the power Internet to reach millions.
With the Internet there is no more waiting for a published or newspaper to print your work. The worldwide web can be likened to a big book. The bloggers are the writers of the age and the online visitors are their readers. The more popular a blog is the more are their readers and the more likely it is to be shared and recommended to others.
In other words, a popular blog is more connected, a better place to advertise at, and at we realize this.