Article marketing Chicago, Illinois is not about selling your feature articles to different websites. Rather, article marketing is a type of online advertising in which people, businesses or companies write short articles about themselves or their field of expertise as a marketing strategy.

The best thing about it is that it’s not seen as a pushy, in-your-face advertisement that turns people off, but rather a knowledge based marketing of what you have, sharing information about what you are offering and getting your company or your website noticed.
At can help you use articles to build you up and further your interests or those of your company.

To Increase Traffic To Your Website – If you feature well-written articles regularly you may gain a loyal following, a following that can be enticed to purchasing something from your site or trying our your products or services.
To Attract More Incoming Links to Your Site – Having more people, businesses or groups wanting to be affiliated with you or your company will build your reputation.


In some cases articles are better than hard-sell ads. The objectives of employing this subtle form of advertising are the following. To Make Target Keyword and Phrases Visible – As opposed to an ad, using an article can give you more liberal use of words and phrases you want search engines to find.
To Build Awareness and Reputation – A good way to introduce yourself and your company to netizens is via an article. You will be able to tell them as much of yourself or your group as you want and share more information with them than an ad ever can.

Effective Article Marketing Strategies
If you want to use article marketing on your website, we can share some of the things that make for a sound article marketing strategy.
Feature Only Articles Relevant to You or Your Company – This is so you can rightfully say you are an expert in the field. It might be tempting to veer away from your expertise to accommodate a hot topic or the latest gossip, but this will only tear down your reputation.