Chances are you are using a device running the Android Operating System.

If you are just familiar with the word and not the actual OS, Android is Google’s mobile OS based on the Linux kernel. Android is designed primarily for devices with touchscreen functions; it’s not just limited to your smartphones and tablets, Android is also in use in laptops with touchscreen features.It’s also not for touchscreen device only, the Android OS is also being used in gaming consoles, digital cameras and regular desktop personal computers as well as other electronics.
Right now Android is the most widely used mobile OS and, as of last year also the highest-selling OS overall.
If this is still not reason enough for you to develop your own apps for Android devices consider the following.


Android is Big, And Getting Bigger – The Android platform is now the largest smartphone platform in the world, larger even than iOS, and it’s still growing! A study by the NPD Group said that in the first quarter of 2012 Android had over 60 percent of the US activations.For this year Google revealed that there were over 1 billion active monthly Android users, up from 538 million in June 2013.Those might be cases of multiple device ownerships, but if i you assign those devices to just one personeach, that means one of out every nine persons in the planet is using Android!

Search-Friendly – Other operating systems are plagued by a common problem; limited search capabilities, there is no way for marketers to know which keywords users are searching for that can lead to apps downloads. In the Android OS,Google Play actually hasa comprehensive search capability, making it easier for marketers to know what keywords are hot.

Rapid Feedback System – When making and testing apps you will have a distinct advantage over the competition if your system is designed to receive feedback from users quickly. Google Play allows this, enabling developers put up newer versions or updatesto their apps within a few hours. Other OS systems have rigid screening process where app development is concerned.

Better Ranking System – Android’s good ranking system is often cited as one of the reasons for its burgeoning growth. Other OS systems base rankings on download volume alone, so apps that cannot sustain a large number of downloads will find their ranking quickly dropping even if they are still relevant. With Android the main consideration of an app’s rank is user retention. You will also get more rewards if a steady user base is established.

Easier Transition to Amazon’s App Store – Amazon’s app store is based on Android, so it lets developers easily submit a build to Amazon for approval. This is seen as one of the reasons why 71 percent of mobile developers develop for Android.

Save yourself the trouble
Over 50 billion Android apps have been downloaded since the market became open. Surely this is market you want to get it on. If you don’t know how to develop your own Android apps, save yourself the trouble of a crash course which will likely end in a crash; at we can develop your Android app for you.