You now have more options than the traditional forms of media to promote your products. When before you could only promote your products and services on the newspaper, radio and television now you have a more powerful medium to market what you have; the Internet.


Products and services are no longer promoted the same way either. This is because studies show ads that pop up in your face or interrupt your surfing are considered a nuisance and people really don’t take time to read them anymore. These ads are easily dismissed with a click of the button and often with a click of the tongue. The more effective ads are those that don’t annoy people and those that don’t really seem like an ad to most people. Meet the new marketers. At OrangeSpike we make it happen. Instead of traditional promoters, salesmen and advertisers you now have us and our team of bloggers, affiliate marketers and graphic designers who will help you promote your products and services on the Internet.


Reviews are a great way to promote your services and. Generate reviews by featuring in articles or reviews by writers and bloggers. What are the advantages of this strategy? A review can share more information about your product or service that an ad ever can. A review will also allow readers to be able to ask the writers questions about your product or service and make them more interested in it.Another advantage? Climb up during the searches! The more writers are on board with your product or service, the more visible it will be in search engines.


Unlike those in the newspaper, your ads on the Internet will not be limited by size or the area of a publication’s distribution. Internet ads will also not just last mere seconds like they would on radio or TV.
The Internet also has an additional advantage over other media; your target audience or audience can be narrowed down and reached just by looking at their demographics, surfing preferences, purchasing habits and other characteristics.


Which is the best place to put your Internet ad? We make sure your ads count by placing them where your prospective customers are likely to visit, the websites they frequent or blogs they often read. The best ads are not those that target large audiences indiscriminately’ but those that actually find the people who fit the profile.


Radio and print remain viable marketing options, but why should you limit yourself to them. Like we said, there is more than one way to get your product, service or website noticed. The Internet is filled with various opportunities and possibilities. We could be here all day if we talk about the details of affiliate marketing Chicago, Illinois, but you can leave that to us. OrangeSpike Inc can take care of your affiliate marketing strategy so you don’t have to.